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Life is uncertain after suffering an injury. Whether you are concerned about your health, your finances, your kids, or your job, you have many questions. At Morris & Dean, LLC, our experienced personal injury attorneys have the answers you need. You can rely on us to provide you with outstanding legal services every step of the way as we pursue the personal injury compensation you need for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

We have included the answers to frequently asked questions below. For advice on your specific case, please call 706-222-3790 for a free initial consultation.

Can I have a brain injury if I wasn’t knocked unconscious?

Yes. Being knocked unconscious is often associated with brain injuries but is not a requirement for damage to occur. Other symptoms such as memory loss, headaches and changes in mood can indicate the presence of a brain injury even if the victim was not knocked out.

How do I know if I have a brain injury?

The behavioral observations of family and friends can be key in detecting the symptoms of a brain injury, such as personality changes, memory issues and sleep issues. Personal symptoms may include the loss of taste or smell. A complex set of medical questions that we have and tests will be used to determine if you indeed have a brain injury. If you or a loved one was involved in a motor vehicle collision that involved striking a steering wheel, airbag, dashboard, or another object, it is advisable to be checked out by a physician to rule out brain injury or other internal injuries. We are very experienced in discovering and dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

Should I have medical bills sent to my health insurer by the hospital?

Yes. The hospital can put a lien on your case for unpaid medical bills, so it is important not to simply accept statements such as “we don’t need your insurance; we have the other party’s insurance.” Health insurance companies receive a discount, resulting in a smaller bill in the event you are left to pay some or all of it. Having your health insurance pay the bills will ultimately result in more of the compensation staying in your pocket.

Do I need uninsured motorist coverage?

Yes. Your agent may tell you it is unnecessary, but it can make all the difference in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. If you are hit by someone who lacks insurance, you may quickly max out on your own insurance coverage. Adding uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to your policy can bridge the gap and make sure you have the resources you need to make a full recovery.

Where do the funds come from in a personal injury claim?

Personal injury compensation comes from the available insurance coverage of responsible parties as well as your own insurance coverage where applicable. This is important, particularly in cases where a friend or family member is responsible for an injury. You are not personally going after them financially; you are pursuing insurance funds through their policy to make you whole for your pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages and other injury-related damages that you have suffered.

It is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side who is capable of uncovering all sources of compensation. This can often result in “stacking” coverage to ensure an injury victim has access to the financial resources needed to make a full recovery. For example, our firm handled a claim for an individual who was hurt in a crash caused by a logging truck. Unfortunately, logging trucks are subject to an exemption that only requires them to have $100,000 in coverage – nowhere near enough to resolve our clients’ claim. Fortunately, we were able to identify and leverage additional coverage from the client’s policies, stacking them to make things right for our client.

I was hurt during work. Can I get workers’ compensation benefits and personal injury compensation?

Every case is unique, but there are circumstances that can result in obtaining personal injury compensation in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if you are injured in a car wreck while driving for work, you can pursue a personal injury claim against a third party for your pain and suffering in addition to getting your medical bills and lost wages paid by workers’ compensation benefits. Likewise, you could obtain workers’ compensation benefits due to an injury at work from a defective machine and also pursue a third-party personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the defective machine.

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