Excessive Police Force

We Protect Victims Of Excessive Police Force

Most police officers in Georgia work hard and carry out their duties with bravery and honor. However, some police officers abuse their power, engaging in misconduct and resorting to excessive force.

The unnecessary use of physical restraints, batons, stun guns and firearms results in serious injuries and deaths far too often in this country. Just once would be too often. The physical, emotional and financial consequences of police misconduct can be astonishing. As members of the public, we trust the police to protect and serve us, and it should not be tolerated when they violate our civil rights.

At Morris & Dean in Dalton, we are proud to help victims of excessive force hold police accountable and get full and fair compensation for their losses. If you or someone you care about was victimized by the police, we will stand by your side and fight for justice and full and fair compensation.

The Experience And Aggressive Approach It Takes To Go Up Against The Police

Not all lawyers in Georgia have the experience or qualifications it takes to successfully pursue claims against police departments. The lawyers at our firm have a combined total of over 60 years of legal experience, and we have worked hard over many decades to earn reputations as fair attorneys who do what is right.

We have vigorously represented clients who have suffered due to:

  • Improper police shootings and the use of other weapons
  • Excessive physical force resulting in severe injuries
  • Sexual assault by police or prison guards

Those who have been abused by the police often feel powerless and hesitant to challenge the police department. As your law firm, we will empower you to stand up for your rights and hold bad cops responsible.

Under Georgia law, wrongful death claims have a two-year statute of limitations. Contact us soon so that we can begin building your legal case if you have one.

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