Georgia Takes Arson Cases Seriously, And So Should You

Arson is a serious criminal offense that carries very serious consequences in Georgia. You can be charged and convicted of arson even if no property was destroyed. An intentionally set fire can result in a conviction.

The lawyers at Morris & Dean in Dalton are ready and willing to fight for your rights. We have decades of criminal law experience and unique background in arson-related crimes.

Marcus Morris leads our arson defense practice. Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, he was a firefighter and later a prosecutor on an arson task force. He knows arson from all angles — causes, burn patterns, accidental ignition signs and more — and he knows what it takes to defend these cases.

Experience You Can Trust

Our legal team has practiced law for a combined total of more than 60 years, and we will put our experience and talents to work for you. Arson is one of the few criminal statutes where the presumption is that it was an accident. This means the prosecution has to overcome that the fire was not set accidentally — the prosecution can only convict you if it can prove:

  • The fire was intentional, and
  • You set the fire or were an accomplice

If the prosecution cannot prove it was an accident, you will win the case. If you have an alibi, you will win. We are prepared to defend you against whatever type of arson charge you are facing, including:

  • Revenge arsons
  • Insurance fraud
  • Auto arson
  • Church arson
  • School arson
  • Residential property arson
  • Personal property arson
  • Aggravated arson

Know Your Rights. Know Your Options.

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