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When it comes to DUI charges in Georgia, there is nothing you or your loved one wants more than for the charges to simply go away.

A lawyer can never guarantee an outcome in any case. What a good lawyer will do, however – and what the attorneys at Morris & Dean, LLC have decades of experience doing – is quickly but thoroughly assess the facts in a DUI case, look for holes in the government’s version of events and pursue each and every path toward a positive outcome. When you hire a criminal defense firm to represent you, you deserve nothing less.

Why You Need A Lawyer

Most people know better than to underestimate the consequences of a DUI conviction; that’s why you’re seeking legal help in the first place. Even if you or a loved one is facing first-time charges, the consequences can nevertheless be steep. They include:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • Minimum $300 fine, up to $1,000
  • One-year license suspension
  • Community service
  • Administrative fees for license reinstatement

From there, the penalties only get worse, and these are only the criminal and administrative penalties. Having a criminal conviction on your record can mean difficulty getting a job, applying for loans or joining the military. If you depend on your driver’s license as part of your job, you especially cannot afford to have a DUI on your record.

With our firm, you’ll have an experienced legal team looking out for your best interests from day one. We’ll look for circumstances that can reduce the potential penalties you face. We will also look for evidence that could get your charges dropped altogether – evidence like police misconduct or faulty sobriety testing. We know the law, we know how the system works and we’re passionate about helping you fight your criminal charges.

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