Public Defender vs Private Attorney

Public Defender vs Private Attorney

A huge burden is placed on the person who gets charged with criminal activities. At that time, they must decide whether to plead guilty or not. They would also have to make the decision to take the recommended sentence by the prosecutor. The most important step in such cases is finding a suitable lawyer to help you get rid of the charges. The accused is generally given two options to select a lawyer, i.e., public defender or private attorney. But it is essential for that person to know the difference between a public defender and a private attorney.

Public Defender 

Public defenders are people the court chooses to represent suspects or defendants who cannot afford an attorney to fight their cases.

Pros of Hiring Public Defenders

Public defenders are appointed to defendants who cannot afford an attorney. Apart from that, the lawyers appointed by the court are more familiar with criminal cases.

Cons of Hiring Public Defenders

Public defenders are paid much less by the government and manage hundreds of cases at the same time. In many cases, they do not prioritise your case due to insufficient time. They cannot arrange frequent meetings with their clients before presenting them in court. This does not allow the client and the public defender to discuss important points before the hearing.

Private Attorney

Private attorneys are specifically chosen by families or the people to represent their cases.

Pros of Hiring Private Attorneys

Private attorneys don’t have many cases compared to public defenders, so they can spend more time with their clients regarding the case. They are able to gather all the information regarding the case from their client and use it to the client’s advantage. They are also easier to get a hold of compared to public defenders because they have separate offices.

Cons of Hiring Private Attorneys

The only real disadvantage of hiring a private attorney is their cost. For more complicated cases, the cost is increased accordingly. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of private attorneys because, at the end of the day, they are considered a much better option than public defenders.

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