Will you need to install an IID after a Georgia DUI arrest?

Will you need to install an IID after a Georgia DUI arrest?

There are several concerning penalties possible after a driving under the influence (DUI) arrest in Georgia. You may spend the night in jail, in addition to being at risk of future incarceration. There will be fines and court costs, as well as increased insurance expenses. You can expect a DUI conviction to cost you thousands.

Your driving privileges are also at risk. Most people know that the state will suspend someone’s driver’s license after a DUI conviction. You may also have heard that the state sometimes requires the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for a driver to regain their privileges after a DUI-related suspension.

The idea of needing to perform a breath test every time you drive and to pay for the device in your vehicle may upset or frustrate you. Will you need to install an IID after a Georgia DUI?

Your prior record determines the penalties

Someone who breaks the same law more than once has a higher-than-average risk of re-offending. The state imposes more serious penalties after a first offense, especially if someone has two DUI charges within a few years of each other.

If you have already had another DUI offense in recent years, then an IID may be in your future. Typically, you will lose your license for at least 120 days if you are subject to an IID requirement. When you have two or more drunk driving charges within a five-year period, the state will require that you install an IID in your vehicle after your suspension and that you only operate vehicles with IIDs installed.

Your Ignition Interlock Limited Driving Permit is only valid when you are in a vehicle with an IID installed, and you can only drive to work, medical appointments, school, substance abuse support, court-ordered driver education, IID maintenance or the transportation of minor family members without a license.

Those who get caught violating the terms of their restricted driving permit, either by trying to manipulate the testing process or by driving a vehicle without an IID, run the risk of additional consequences and the loss of their driving privileges. Specific penalties possible for a Georgia DUI charge might give you the motivation necessary to fight against those charges in court.

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