Should you report a reckless driver?

Should you report a reckless driver?

No one wants to be on the road with people who are driving hazardously. When people speed, weave in and out of traffic or make driving errors, there is a real risk that they could hurt themselves or others.

It is normal to question if you should report someone for driving recklessly. According to officials, it is helpful if you can report a situation like this before it turns into a collision.

How do you report a reckless driver?

According to Consumer Reports and the Connecticut State Police, if you see someone driving while texting, drunk or drowsy (as an example), then you can call 911 to report the driver’s behaviors. You should only call if you think that their behaviors are dangerous. For example, if the driver who is texting is speeding and almost caused a crash, it’s reasonable to call and report that they’re putting themselves and others at risk of a collision.

Normally, it’s inappropriate to call 911 for simple violations, like speeding or pulling out in front of someone accidentally, but if the driver’s behavior is causing a danger to the public, it’s reasonable to call and ask for help.

What should you do if you do call 911 for help?

When you call 911, it’s smart for you to pull over and have the location available for the operator. You should also have the driver’s description, the vehicle’s description or license plate number or other identifying information. You should keep a safe distance from the vehicle, since you have already found the driver to be a threat.

What should you do if you’re hit by a reckless driver?

If you get into a crash with a reckless driver, it’s helpful to remember what you saw that made you think they were reckless. Were they texting, arguing with someone in the vehicle or looking away from the road? Remembering little details like these can help you show that the other driver was at fault for a collision and put you in a better position to make a personal injury claim for the losses that you’ve suffered as a result of their behaviors.

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