Is your sleep apnea machinery part of a recent recall?

Is your sleep apnea machinery part of a recent recall?

For most people, sleep is a time of blissful unawareness where the night passes in the seeming blink of an eye. For those with sleep apnea, the night can be much different. They may wake up repeatedly and feel physically exhausted in the morning. They may also wake up their spouse, causing strain on their relationship.

Sleep apnea is a difficult condition that affects respiration at night and may not just put someone at medical risk if they stop breathing but can also impact their quality of life by reducing how much rest they get. Using a home ventilation system could make it easier for you to sleep safely add more deeply when you struggle with sleep apnea.

The different devices used to help people regulate their breathing at night can change their lives and even help save their marriages. Unfortunately, a large number of these devices are currently subject to a massive recall because they expose people to possibly cancer-causing materials.

Which sleep apnea ventilator devices are unsafe?

On June 30, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first published notice of a voluntary recall involving popular ventilator devices including BiPAP/BPAP and CPAP devices. The reason for the recall is an issue with the foam used to reduce sound and vibration.

Over time, the polyurethane foam can break down and enter the air pathway on these ventilators. The person using the device could inhale or swallow foam particles, which could potentially cause long-term health consequences including the development of cancer.

The company involve, Philips Respironics, has already rolled out a plan that will see repairs or replacement for the affected units, which include many kinds of their popular DreamStation devices.

What does this recall mean for affected consumers?

In theory, you should be able to arrange for the repair or total replacement of the defective ventilator. The company has begun rolling out its program to address the phone issue, with some repairs and replacements already occurring in September of 2021.

Consumers may need to contact the manufacturer to arrange for recall-related services. They may also need to more carefully monitor their health in the future for warning signs of medical conditions related to the accidental ingestion of the foam. Anyone who develops severe medical consequences because of a defective product may be able to hold the manufacturer accountable for their failures in court.

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