Steps to take after motor vehicle wrecks with uninsured drivers

Steps to take after motor vehicle wrecks with uninsured drivers

When heading out on the road in Georgia, there is an automatic assumption that other drivers will have the necessary automobile insurance. After all, it is the law that a driver must be insured. Unfortunately, some people get behind the wheel and drive without having proper insurance. If there is an auto accident, this can cause severe problems for anyone who was injured and families who have lost a loved one. Knowing how to respond in these circumstances is crucial.

Key points about accidents with uninsured drivers

Given the property damage and the possibility that there are injuries, a lack of insurance coverage on the part of the other driver could be a major issue. If the other driver says he or she does not have insurance, it is vital to contact the police so a report can be filed. In some instances, the other driver might offer cash in lieu of going through the proper channels. Accepting it is a mistake as the amount could be insufficient when calculating the damage. It also lets the other driver leave while still breaking the law.

It is a fundamental requirement to exchange information. Often, that means insurance information. Since the other driver is without insurance, it is still wise to get their personal information. This is also true with witnesses. Getting the license plate, the type of car the person was driving, and taking pictures of the damage is also beneficial. These steps are critical after motor vehicle wrecks with an uninsured driver.

Drivers should be aware of what to do after uninsured auto crashes

Since Georgia is an at-fault state meaning the other driver must be shown to be responsible for the accident when filing a claim and the percentage of fault will directly impact their culpability, these rules are essential. This problem is more common than people realize. Statistics from the Insurance Research Council say that approximately one out of every eight drivers takes to the road without auto insurance. When there is an uninsured accident, victims should know what they must do to pursue compensation.

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