What are the results of increased speeding?

What are the results of increased speeding?

On Georgia roads in 2020, fewer commuters led to more “open spaces” on highways. Telecommuting and other factors contributed to the reduction in drivers, but the decreased numbers did not necessarily lead to fewer accidents. In some ways, Georgia saw some dangers increase.

Fewer drivers and higher fatalities

Statistics reveal that fewer drivers on the roads had an unexpected and unfortunate effect. Many drivers in Georgia took advantage of fewer vehicles on the road and traveled at increased speeds. Fatalities increased as a result.

Speeding is a violation of traffic laws because operating a vehicle at excessive speeds is unsafe. Driving too fast means a shorter braking distance, making avoiding an accident challenging. Maintaining control of a car proves harder, and imagine if a speeding car hit an oil slick or another hazard on the road.

Such dangers exist no matter how many vehicles are on the roads. However, numerous drivers don’t consider this point, leading to the recent uptick in speeding. With more speeding vehicles, more crashes and fatalities become an unavoidable scenario. Some drivers might not learn that speeding causes serious collisions until they find themselves involved in one.

Speeding and negligence claims

A driver that travels at an unsafe speed opens doors to negligence claims. A speeding driver that causes an accident violates his or her duty to keep others safe. Persons hurt by a speeding driver could file a negligence claim. The driver may end up responsible for their medical bills and other losses.

Motor vehicle wrecks caused by a speeding driver could lead to an insurance settlement. The insurance company may attempt to negotiate an unreasonably low settlement, so claimants might need legal representation in their dealings with the company.

An attorney could discuss options for accident victims dealing with the aftermath of a car crash. One may be filing a lawsuit if the amount offered by the at-fault motorist’s insurance company is inadequate.

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