How insurance companies try to minimize injury claims

How insurance companies try to minimize injury claims

Dealing with an injury after a car wreck is frustrating. You not only are in pain and maybe missing work, but you have medical bills stacking up. Your waiting for the other driver’s insurance company or your own to pay on your injury claim. What you may not realize is that often insurance companies use deceptive tactics to undermine your injury claim.

Some of these tactics include the following:

  1. Delay paying your medical bills for long enough you may end up paying them on your own.
  2. Ask you to make a recorded statement about the crash. What you say may be used against you to try to show you were at fault for the crash or your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim.
  3. Try to prove your injury was a pre-existing condition, not the result of the crash.
  4. Put you under surveillance to try to prove your injuries aren’t that severe.
  5. Offer you a low-ball settlement to avoid having to pay long-term injury costs.
  6. Pressure you not to consult a personal injury attorney. An attorney can advise you best how much injury compensation you could receive.

While an insurance adjuster may seem helpful on the phone, you need to understand that companies often work to limit their injury claims. You need to be careful and work closely with your personal injury attorney to avoid having problems getting the injury compensation you deserve.

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