Almost every car wreck stems from human error

Almost every car wreck stems from human error

Why do car wrecks happen at such a staggering rate, taking around 35-40,000 lives per year? You can point to all of the individual causes you want, from cellphone use to drowsy driving to drunk driving to teen drivers. All of these things do play a role. But it can be simpler than that. 

Almost all car wrecks happen because of human error

People make mistakes. Those mistakes cause them to strike other cars, cyclists, pedestrians and others. The mistakes are avoidable, but they happen anyway. How much safer would we be if we simply did not have to drive around other people who are going to make those errors?

If you’re interested in the exact percentage of wrecks due to human error, studies indicate that it is between 94% to 96%. No matter which one it is, it’s such a vast majority that many who support the use of self-driving cars just point to this one statistic. You’re not going to find any other single reason for car wrecks that applies to such a vast portion of them. 

Now, the errors that people make can be more specific. They may include things like texting and driving or driving too fast for conditions. You can break this down and get more detailed statistics. But the overall theme still remains true. The greatest hazard that you face when you get behind the wheel is that you have other people driving around you on the road, and it is only a matter of time until one of them makes a terrible mistake. 

If you suffer serious injuries in a wreck caused by another driver, you must know how to seek compensation.

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