Things not to do while driving (and we’re not just talking cellphones)

Things not to do while driving (and we’re not just talking cellphones)

We all know texting while driving is a big no-no, but what are some other non-electronic things drivers should refrain from while out and about on the roads?

Put the make-up down

Ladies—and some gentleman—do not put on makeup while you drive. Driving down the interstate with a mascara wand in hand is never a good idea, and trying to apply makeup at stoplights or stop signs isn’t a good plan either. You may miss out on a pedestrian or bicyclist entering your peripheral vision, not realize when it’s your turn to go or even mistake a car in front of you for having already gone. Pack up the compacts. The make-up can wait.

Stop eating

We know. Those French fries you picked up first in your order from the drive-through smell good. Then you were handed the Whopper from the pick-up window. But trying to eat a burger while keeping both hands on the wheel is just not humanly possible. Save your meal for wherever you’re going to next. If it’s too tempting to have your supper ride shotgun with you, when you first get your meal, immediately place it somewhere in your vehicle—possibly the trunk—completely out of your reach.

Don’t break-up with your boyfriend

Or get in a fight with your sister, or decide to tell your mother in the passenger seat about the times you felt disappointed in her while growing up. Essentially, don’t engage in heated discussions while driving.

If you choose to involve yourself in a heated discussion while behind the wheel, your energy and attention are no longer solely devoted to the road. On top of that, your performance on the road could be negatively impacted due to your emotions.

Shelf the conversation until you get to where you’re going. If something just can’t wait, pull over to a safe area to have the discussion. Once finished, be sure you’re calm and in a good headspace before re-entering the roads.

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