Insurance tactics can leave you short on assurance after a wreck

Insurance tactics can leave you short on assurance after a wreck

You know that 75 can be a dangerous stretch, but you didn’t see this crash coming. Now you’ve got medical bills through the roof, and the offer from your insurance company isn’t even close to what you need.

Injury costs from crashes amount to well over $400 billion every year. Insurance providers can be responsible for some of those damages that occur, but they aren’t always the most willing to hand over money. Knowing what kind of tactics an insurer will try to pay as little as possible could make all the difference when you’re trying to recover from a crash.

Leaving you hurting

Know what’s coming so you don’t leave money on the table:

  • Starting low: Insurance companies generally count time and money as the most precious commodities. Even if they do agree to pay you after a crash, their first offer likely saves them a chunk of both quantities. If you accept a low initial offer, they’re not out as much as if you draw out the process and try for more compensation.
  • Stalling for time: Fast action usually works in your favor. This is why insurance companies will often try to stretch the process out with slow responses, repeat interviews and copious paperwork. Recent incidents mean injuries are more easily connected and witnesses will still have details fresh in their minds. Connections can fade over time, not to mentions the statute of limitations is always creeping closer.
  • Digging for evidence: Instead of agreeing to a payout, the insurer may be looking for any reason to withhold funds. Asking questions multiple times looking for discrepancies, presenting you with leading questions or digging through your social media can all present them with avenues for denying a claim.

Dealing with the insurance company usually isn’t the most straightforward process, but preparing yourself for the back-and-forth that takes place can be an essential step. Understand their motivation and their process, and you might be on the way to getting the help you need after a wreck.

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