Truck wrecks: Man charged with vehicular homicide

Truck wrecks: Man charged with vehicular homicide

Sharing the road with large commercial trucks is something every driver has to manage. These larger vehicles present an increased risk to motorists who get into truck wrecks, since their sheer size can result in more significant injury. One Georgia family is likely dealing with that sad fact after a woman died when her vehicle was hit by a flying tire from a tractor-trailer. The driver of that tractor-trailer is now facing criminal charges.

Authorities say that the incident happened when the truck driver was heading north on I-75. Two of the tires came off of the rig and one allegedly flew over the concrete median, striking a vehicle heading south. Officials say the car hit the side of a different tractor-trailer, and that impact caused an SUV to hit the median. The woman driving that SUV died instantly.

Investigators haven’t determined exactly why the wheels came off of the truck in the first place. The truck driver has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, defective tires and unsafe vehicle/equipment. Other charges are pending as officials continue to work to determine exactly what happened.

No matter the outcome of any criminal charges the truck driver may be facing, the family of the woman who was killed have other legal options available. They may decide to file a civil claim against the driver, his truck company and any other parties deemed responsible. Claims filed in connection with truck wrecks like this one may result in monetary damages that could offset costs associated with the wreck. With the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney here in Georgia, a family may be able to seek justice in this way.

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