Multiple drug arrests highlights need for criminal defense

Multiple drug arrests highlights need for criminal defense

When a person is convicted of a crime, some might assume that jail time or a fine is the only consequence. While those two possibilities are certainly serious, there are other results that may have a longer-lasting effect on that person’s life. Many people convicted of a drug crime, for example, may have difficulty obtaining future employment or see their personal reputation damaged. This is why having a solid criminal defense strategy is important for anyone facing drug charges. This is what several people in one Georgia county may be facing after 26 recent arrests relating to a drug bust.

Local police conducted a months-long investigation, culminating in “Operation Crackdown.” Three county SWAT teams jointed forces to serve search warrants and make arrests at six different houses. The resulting 26 arrests were connected to an organization that dispensed the overwhelming majority of cocaine in the affected county. Police also found methamphetamine and marijuana as part of the operation.

Three suspects are still wanted in connection with the drug organization and U.S. Marshals are helping local police to locate them. The people arrested face charges of the sale of crack cocaine, trafficking cocaine, possession of firearm by convicted felon and other crimes. The county sheriff thanked other law enforcement for their assistance and warned that they wouldn’t hesitate to target others in the future.

Charges as serious as the ones these people are facing here in Georgia could carry significant punishment, not to mention how their lives may be affected after fulfilling their sentences if convicted. Anyone facing charges like these may want to consult an attorney with extensive experience in criminal defense. It may be the best way to ensure that the person gets a fair shot from the judicial system.

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