Former cop charged with sexual battery

Former cop charged with sexual battery

Some of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with are sex crimes. No matter the surrounding circumstances, the punishment for convictions regarding sexual assault, sexual battery or other sex crimes can be severe. Some sex crime convictions here in Georgia have mandatory minimum jail sentences or require those convicted to register as sex offenders, thereby affecting future employment, voting rights and more. This may be what one former police officer is dealing with after he was accused of sexual battery.

The man recently faced indictment for an incident that happened last year at a gas station. Authorities say that an engaged couple who had known the man previously were filling their car up at the station. They say that they spoke with the man and that as they were leaving, he struck the woman on her rear end with his hand. She reports that she stated she did not want him to do that and that he asked her if she wanted him to repeat the action. She stated that she told him no once more and that when she attempted to leave, he touched her rear end again.

The couple filed a report after arriving home, with the woman’s fiance confirming her claim. Police also say that there is video surveillance of the gas station that shows the incident as the woman described it. The man resigned from the police force after officials moved to suspend him without pay.

Someone like this man who is facing charges related to sex crimes needs to be aware of how important criminal defense can be. Those in Georgia convicted of sexual battery could have their entire lives affected. An experienced criminal defense attorney can be a valuable resource to anyone in this situation.

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