Driver indicted in wreck that cost a man part of his leg

Driver indicted in wreck that cost a man part of his leg

Sometimes it seems as if the wheels of justice turn exceedingly slowly. But justice is one step closer for a Georgia man who lost his right leg below the knee last year after a negligent driver wrecked her car, pinning him between it and another vehicle.

Recently, a Whitfield County grand jury indicted the negligent driver — a 20-year-old female — on charges of reckless driving and felony serious injury for causing the wreck that led to the man’s amputation.

Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested the Dalton woman. She remains in the Whitfield County jail without bond.

How it happened

Events unfolded last year on September 20. The grand jury indictments indicate the woman was driving her 2007 Mazda 3 at a high rate of speed on Waring Road. As she approached the curve at the hill, it was estimated that her speed was “at least 63 miles per hour,” even though the posted speed for that stretch of road was 35 mph.

The woman lost control of her Mazda and barreled into the parking lot located at 1800 Waring Road. She then slammed into the man, trapping him between her Mazda and a parked 2009 Jeep Wrangler.

Aftermath of the wreck

Despite surgical intervention, due to the massive damage caused by the wreck, doctors were unable to save the victim’s lower right leg. It was then amputated below the knee.

The Georgia State Patrol’s (GSP) Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team conducted a thorough investigation into the calamitous wreck. A team investigator testified before the grand jury.

Criminal components of a wreck

In cases like the aforementioned one, victims and their often distraught relatives may clamor for immediate justice in the aftermath of a wreck. However, in order to ensure the best chances of a successful prosecution of the negligent driver, it’s vital that these investigations are conducted thoroughly and all evidence examined and weighed.

Thus, while it initially may seem like the perpetrator was able to skate on by, the evidence may be stacking up against the alleged perpetrator.

A separate path to justice

Those who have suffered injuries in wrecks due to another motorist’s negligence don’t have to sit back and idly wait to see the at-fault driver be held accountable for the damages they caused. They have the option of seeking justice through the Georgia civil courts.

An injured plaintiff can file a claim for damages against the at-fault driver that caused the wreck regardless of whether there were ever criminal charges brought against the liable party. While any criminal charges and convictions can be used to bolster your case, it is not necessary to prevail in a civil lawsuit after you were injured in a wreck.

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