Did Georgia’s hands-free law affect the rate of car wrecks?

Did Georgia’s hands-free law affect the rate of car wrecks?

Authorities are always searching for ways to keep citizens safe. One measure that many states across the country have recently enacted relates to cellphone usage in moving vehicles. Georgia passed a law just last year that restricted holding and using mobile phones while driving a motor vehicle. The hope was that these laws would prevent car wrecks. Now, several municipalities are reporting exactly how that measure has affected their areas.

In nearby Rome, police officers report that they issued almost 1,000 citations for motorists using their cellphones in violation of the law. The number was higher than they thought it would be, and they hoped that many drivers would choose to voluntarily comply with the new law. One representative pointed out that many drivers thought that using their phone at a red light was acceptable, but that is not true.

Officers point out that distracted driving takes many forms and that using a cellphone is just one thing they can target. Looking away from the road for any reason for only five seconds can be extremely dangerous. Police say that they are not sure whether this new law has reduced the number of car wrecks. Thus far, Rome is on track to have more car wrecks in 2019 than it did in 2018.

No matter the reason for a car crash, it can be devastating to any victims involved and their families. Those here in Georgia who have been hurt in car wrecks with distracted drivers have legal options available to them of which they may not be aware. An experienced personal injury attorney can go over those options with a family to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

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