Motorcycle wrecks: Fatal collision still under investigation

Motorcycle wrecks: Fatal collision still under investigation

Summertime means many people will be out enjoying the warmer weather and longer hours of daylight. Many motorcycle enthusiasts will take to the roads on their motorbikes, making the most of all that summer has to offer. Unfortunately, this also means that there is usually an increase in fatal motorcycle wrecks. The Georgia State Patrol responded to a recent motorcycle crash that proved fatal for the driver.

Authorities say that the wreck happened on a recent early morning. A northbound truck crossed into the opposite lane of traffic and hit a motorcycle head-on. The driver of the motorcycle did not survive the collision, dying there at the scene. The truck driver apparently suffered minor injuries.

A Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team examined the scene of the wreck and plan to continue to investigate exactly what happened. The Georgia State Patrol says that alcohol was not a contributing factor in the crash. Though they have not charged the truck driver with any crimes, law enforcement hasn’t ruled out the possibility of doing so.

Even if law enforcement decides not to press charges against the truck driver, the family of the motorcycle driver could decide to pursue a civil claim. Families affected by fatal motorcycle wrecks such as this one may have to contend with significant financial hardship due to medical bills, funeral costs or other unexpected expenses related to the crash. If a family filed civil litigation against the truck driver, or any other parties believed responsible for the wreck, they may receive monetary damages that could help them through this difficult time.

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