Criminal defense: Georgia woman facing DUI charges

Criminal defense: Georgia woman facing DUI charges

Charges of driving under the influence can significantly affect a person’s life. The punishment following a conviction is often more severe than many people think, including possible jail time, fines and more. Anyone facing a DUI charge needs a thorough criminal defense strategy to ensure that an he or she is treated fairly by the judicial system. One woman here in Georgia may need just that after police say she caused a car wreck that resulted in several injuries.

Authorities claim that the wreck occurred on a recent weekday evening. A woman allegedly crossed into an oncoming lane of traffic and hit an SUV head-on. Three people in the SUV were injured and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital. Another car was also part of the crash, but that driver was unhurt. Part of the road had to be closed while police dealt with the aftermath of the wreck.

The woman was charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane. Police later added two felony counts of serious injury by vehicle. Officials also claim that when the woman was taken to a local hospital for assessment of her injuries, she attempted to flee. She is also facing a misdemeanor charge of obstructing an officer after that alleged incident.

This woman and others facing DUI charges could receive several different forms of punishment following a criminal conviction. DUI cases are typically punishable with up to a year in jail, a minimum $300 fine, suspension of one’s drivers license and more. This is not to mention the difficulty a person could have obtaining employment with a criminal record. It is vital that anyone facing charges like these understands all available legal options. An attorney here in Georgia with extensive experience with criminal defense cases may be a person’s best chance at securing as favorable an outcome as possible.

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