Criminal defense may be needed for man charged with DUI

Criminal defense may be needed for man charged with DUI

Car wrecks can happen at any time to anyone. When they involve an accusation of impaired driving, the potential consequences can completely change a person’s life. The need for comprehensive criminal defense in these types of situations cannot be overstated. This is what one man may be facing after he was charged with several crimes related to a wreck involving several other vehicles here in Georgia.

The incident happened on a recent morning when authorities say that a man was driving south in his car and moved into the northbound lane. He allegedly sideswiped another vehicle, which spun and got hit by a third vehicle in the opposite lane. Officials say the first man’s car hit another vehicle, an SUV, before finally stopping on the shoulder of the road. Five people had to be rushed to the hospital, two from the first car, one from the second and two from the SUV.

Authorities say that the man driving the first car was under the influence of drugs. The man was taken to jail and is awaiting a court appearance for charges of failure to maintain lane, DUI and serious injury by vehicle. The multi-car wreck blocked all lanes of traffic for about three hours while police investigated what occurred.

If a person is convicted on charges like these, it could mean a jail sentence, hefty fines or parole. The person could also face other long-term personal consequences such as difficulty obtaining employment and damage to his or her reputation. This is why anyone in a similar situation in Georgia should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Doing so will give the accused the greatest chance at obtaining the best potential outcome.

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