Car wreck claims the life of mother of 4

Car wreck claims the life of mother of 4

A fatal car wreck can devastate an affected family. Besides the emotional turmoil, if a parent dies in a car wreck, his or her children will have lost a provider and guide for the rest of their lives. One Georgia family may be going through this very thing after a fatal car wreck took the life of one woman who was a single parent to four children.

Authorities say that the crash happened on a recent early morning at the intersection of a highway and a local road. A man was driving north and hit the mother’s vehicle head-on. Her car was reportedly pushed into the path of oncoming traffic where a third car hit the mother’s vehicle from behind. She died due to her injuries. Her four children were also in the vehicle with her and one of them suffered serious injuries.

People who knew the mother say that she was a dedicated single mother and a frequent volunteer at community events. They have nothing but good things to say about her and will miss her friendly and outgoing demeanor. Police say that the drivers of the other two vehicles suffered injuries not considered to be life-threatening. They are still investigating the crash and have not filed any criminal charges thus far.

When a car wreck like this one occurs here in Georgia, it can leave a family with questions about how they can possibly go on. This woman’s children will not just miss their mother, but will need a financial source to ensure that they can grow up as healthy and well as possible. The surviving members of the woman’s family may decide to file a civil claim against any parties deemed responsible for the wreck. An experienced personal injury attorney can guide any family who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Source:, “Mother of 4 killed in Liberty County crash“, April 30, 2019

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