Woman must focus on criminal defense for drug charges

Woman must focus on criminal defense for drug charges

Being charged with a crime can turn a person’s world upside down, no matter the circumstances. There are the obvious consequences that come to mind, such as potential jail time, a fine and/or probation. But a conviction can have far-reaching consequences across an accused person’s entire life. It can affect the ability to gain employment, hold certain licenses and damage a person’s reputation, necessitating a focused and meaningful criminal defense. This could be what one Georgia woman is facing after her arrest for drug possession.

Authorities say that the arrest happened on a recent afternoon. They claim that officers on their regular patrol noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the street where it should not have been located. Officers say that when they approached the car, they could smell marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

The police claim that the deputies found bags of powdered cocaine and marijuana inside the car. They arrested the woman and charged her with possession of marijuana and possession of a schedule II controlled substance. The woman was released on bond. There is no word regarding a future court appearance.

If this woman is convicted of the charges against her, it could have a significant negative impact on her life. Those here in Georgia who are facing similar charges will want to consider how important it is to have a competent and thorough criminal defense. An experienced defense attorney can determine what options an accused person has and advise the best course of action to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

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