Sharing the road with semitrucks – tips to keep you safe

Sharing the road with semitrucks – tips to keep you safe

If you are like other drivers in the Dalton area, you have probably found yourself holding your breath while a semitruck passes you on the road. While most truck drivers follow safety protocols, it is often the other drivers on the road that create problems. For instance, a car two lanes over from you could suddenly cut off a semi and cause the driver to slam the brakes and possibly lose control. This one act could affect you and many other people driving in the immediate vicinity.

When you share the road with large commercial vehicles, safety is a major issue. While you cannot control what other drivers do on the road, the following safety tips can increase your chances of avoiding a crash with a semitruck.


When you are passing a large truck, the best thing you can do is to stick to a safe speed. Also, do not pull in front of the truck until you can clearly see the full cab of the truck in your rearview mirror. In addition, you should pass on the left side of the truck to maximize visibility. If a truck is passing you, slow down a little to make it easier for the truck to move past you.


When a truck turns right, it needs extra room to negotiate the turn. This means it will swing wide to the left. Due to this, the truck operator can’t see the cars that are behind or next to them. If a car tries to cut around a truck while the larger vehicle is executing a turn, it could easily result in an collision.

Backing up

When you are traveling through a parking lot or area where there are trucks parked, it is important to remain alert. You could easily be in the blind spot of a truck that is trying to back up.

Other things to avoid include using your high beams while driving behind a truck, improper merging, distracted driving and following too closely. While these safety tips can help you stay safe when you share the road with a semitruck, it may not always be possible to avoid a car wreck with one of these large commercial vehicles. If you have been in a crash with a truck, you might be able to file a claim for your injuries and other damages.

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