30-year high in pedestrian deaths around the nation

30-year high in pedestrian deaths around the nation

The risks that go along with driving a car are obvious. They are heightened when pedestrians are in or near the roadway. One recent study shows that pedestrian deaths are the highest they’ve been in almost 30 years. In this regard, Georgia is said to be among the most dangerous states in the country.

The Governors Highway Safety Association report says that over 6,000 pedestrians died as a result of traffic accidents last year. In the town of Macon, one in every 8,000 residents died as a result of a pedestrian traffic accident in the last year. Just five states in the nation account for half of the country’s pedestrian deaths, and Georgia is among them.

Experts blame infrastructure, saying that many modern cities have been designed with cars in mind, but not pedestrians. Many residents do not have personal vehicles available to use in order to get around, making them vulnerable during something as simple as their walk to work. Experts also point to the rise in smartphone usage as a reason that some pedestrians may be more distracted. They also concede that the popularity of large vehicles like SUVs can cause injuries to be even more severe when accidents happen, and even increase the possibility of fatality.

Though cities around the nation are attempting to find ways to curtail pedestrian deaths, they can still happen to anyone. Those pedestrians who have been hurt in an accident with a vehicle may wish to discuss their situation with an experienced attorney who can advise them of their rights and options. No family in Georgia or elsewhere should have to suffer due to someone else’s carelessness.

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