3 common reasons for divorce

3 common reasons for divorce

Most people who marry do so from a place of optimism, believing that their relationship will stand the test of time. Sadly, divorce is an all-too-common outcome for many marriages, here in Georgia and elsewhere. The reasons for divorce vary as widely as the people who decide to get married. However, experts say that there are three common causes that may lead a couple to divorce.

The first cause that researchers identified can be boiled down to one simple word — repair. This refers to a couple’s ability to work together after a disagreement in order to improve their shared circumstances. People who cannot repair the relationship after an argument risk getting a divorce because both spouses may feel as though the other doesn’t hear them or that there is distance between the two.

The next factor that experts point to is growing apart. One study cited it as the most frequent cause of divorce. Experts say that relationships have to be nurtured and that couples need to feel that there is mutual investment from both spouses. Though many assume that marriages break up due to one inciting incident, in this case, it is something that happens over time.

Finally, researchers say that a concept known as “emotional flooding” can lead to divorce. This is when a couple has a disagreement that can lead to an actual physical response in one or both partners. Some people may call this a “flight or fright” reaction. If every argument ends with a high degree of emotional response, it can take a toll on a relationship and make it difficult for a spouse who experiences it to move past it.

No matter the reason for divorce, spouses who are considering going their separate ways may have a great deal of questions regarding the process. Here in Georgia, it may be helpful to seek the assistance of a professional to navigate through a divorce. An experienced family law attorney can prove to be an invaluable asset.

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