Motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt in Georgia

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt in Georgia

Two people were seriously injured following a head-on crash in Thomasville, according to local sources. The Georgia State Patrol has confirmed the location of the car accident as having taken place on Lower Boston and New Hope. For the moment, charges have not been filed against either driver, but as with most motor vehicle accidents, further investigation will be necessary before this case is closed. 

According to the preliminary report, around 12:50 p.m. the afternoon of Dec. 7, a pickup truck carrying a single individual collided with a passenger car carrying two. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear, but it has been confirmed that the force of the impact ejected both individuals from the passenger car. Neither of these individuals has been identified publicly at this time. 

The two individuals in the passenger car were rushed to a local hospital. Both people were listed as being in critical condition. The driver of the pickup truck was reportedly treated on the scene by first responders and released without requiring a hospital visit. Police have not ruled out negligence, recklessness or intoxication as potential factors in the crash. 

Motor vehicle accidents that cause serious injury can sometimes be the impetus for criminal charges filed against one or both drivers in a two-car crash. It will be up to Georgia authorities to determine whether they have sufficient evidence to file charges in this case. Even if they do not, one or both injured parties could be entitled to file a personal injury suit against one or both drivers involved in the accident. This will depend heavily upon the outcome of the police investigation, as it will shed light on which driver (or drivers) may be held materially responsible for the crash. 

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