Motor vehicle accidents decline after Georgia passes law

Motor vehicle accidents decline after Georgia passes law

Despite opposition from some, Georgia lawmakers recently passed a law prohibiting drivers from using mobile devices unless they are hands-free. Calling and texting behind the wheel is thought to be a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents, and safety advocates have been vocal about the need for strong legislation to discourage drivers from taking these chances. Recent statistics show that the new law in this state may be doing its job.

In just one month after the implementation of the new hands-free law, reports showed an immediate effect with crashes decreasing almost 9 percent. Data from the month of September shows that fatal accidents across the state are down 11 percent, more than any other decrease in the past decade. For the first time in several years, car insurance companies in Georgia handled fewer accident claims than in previous years.

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with the improvement, and some feel there is more work to do to reduce distracted driving accidents in Georgia and nationwide. Cell phones are not the only distraction to a driver. Many drivers cause accidents because they are eating and drinking behind the wheel, grooming themselves, and adjusting the radio or GPS system.

While Georgia laws may have brought about improvement in highway safety, real change comes when drivers adjust their own behavior. Even with distracted driving laws on the books, drivers who refuse to pay attention can place lives in danger. Those who suffer injury or loss in motor vehicle accidents often find guidance by speaking to a personal injury attorney.

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