Breach of contract, injunction sought in business litigation case

Breach of contract, injunction sought in business litigation case

Contractual disputes between business entities is commonplace in the courts of Georgia. There are many different disputes and factual scenarios that can be imagined between companies that are doing business together, and they don’t always end up with an uneventful outcome. Business litigation in the state and federal courts located in Georgia often deal with a wide variety of breach of contract complaints.

One recent example in another state involves a lawsuit by a motel against a cable company. The complaint is being litigated in a federal district court on a claim by the motel that the cable company breached its contract, improperly threatened to cut of the motel’s cable and misrepresented the status of the matter to the motel owners. The plaintiffs are also requesting injunctive action to preclude the defendant from cutting off the cable service to the motel, which plaintiffs claim could destroy the business.

The plaintiffs thus assert a claim of irreparable injury if the cable is cut off. This is always a required allegation to obtain an injunction. Plaintiffs generally have to prove that they can obtain no monetary resolution that would fully protect them and that the injunction is thus a necessary remedy. The plaintiffs claim that the cable company told the plaintiffs not to worry about a bill that was building up for years.

Apparently, the cable company was renting an office building from the plaintiffs. Although it is unclear, that may be the reason why the company told the motel owners not to worry about the accumulating bill, which would indicate that the parties may have been offsetting the expenses owed to each other. The business litigation case is typical of the kinds of disputes that businesses may encounter in Georgia and elsewhere. The various federal court procedures will be followed until the case is either settled amicably or set for final resolution through a trial.

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