Motorcycle accidents: Driver’s failure to yield injures biker

Motorcycle accidents: Driver’s failure to yield injures biker

Bikers in Georgia risk their lives whenever they take to the roads. Although advanced technology allows automobile manufacturers to improve vehicle safety with every new model that is introduced to the market, motorcycles remain extremely dangerous. Bikers have no protection apart from helmets and protective riding gear, hence the fact that many motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic or fatal injuries to the riders.

Following a two-vehicle accident that occurred in Cherokee County on a recent Tuesday, a motorcycle rider was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. According to the county’s sheriff’s office, a vehicle with a 26-year-old driver was northbound on the highway, and a 50-year-old Daytona resident was heading south on a motorcycle. Reportedly, the vehicle driver turned without yielding for the biker.

The sheriff’s spokesperson says, as the driver turned, the vehicle was put directly into the path of the motorcyclist, who could not avoid a collision. The bike smashed into the car, causing the rider to suffer serious injuries. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured. The county’s traffic enforcement unit is investigating the crash, and charges might be pending.

Regardless of whether negligent drivers are criminally charged after causing motorcycle accidents that resulted in injuries, the injured victim might have grounds to pursue financial relief. With the support and guidance of an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney, negligence might be established. Once negligence can be proved before the civil court, and the suit is successfully presented, a monetary judgment might be entered to cover financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages, along with emotional pain and suffering and other non-financial damages.

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