Woman suffers critical personal injury, hit while pumping gas

Woman suffers critical personal injury, hit while pumping gas

There are many ways that the authorities in Georgia try to protect the public against serious injuries and death caused by negligent vehicle operators. One of the strongest deterrent methods is the private tort system, which provides a personal injury claim for monetary damages to injured victims. The claim exists against one or more wrongdoers who caused the accident. With respect to deceased victims, their estate is entitled to bring a wrongful death action for monetary damages against the negligent driver and all others who may be at fault in causing the damages.

A particularly gruesome accident occurred on the premises of a gas station in DeKalb County recently. A grandmother was fueling her gas tank with her four grandchildren sitting inside her SUV. A car sped wildly into the station, crashed into a pickup truck that then slammed into an SUV that hit and crushed the 61-year-old victim, pinning her between her car and the gas pump.

Emergency workers removed the woman and transported her to a hospital where she was listed in critical condition. Her current status and the details of the injuries remain unknown at this time. The aggravating circumstance of this tragic event is the fact that the initial speeding vehicle that caused the chain-reaction sped out of the station and has not yet been found. Police have employed K-9 dogs and are examining other evidence in their investigation.

In the meantime, family members may assist the woman by preserving in full form her claim for personal injury damages. This would be best accomplished by meeting with an experienced injury attorney in Georgia to start whatever procedures may be initiated at this time. All insurance papers possessed by the victim should be copied and turned over to the attorney. In an accident of this kind, one’s own insurance policy may become relevant in collecting monetary relief. In addition, there may be other sources of insurance coverage that the attorney will identify and pursue.

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