Georgia car accidents often caused by distracted drivers

Georgia car accidents often caused by distracted drivers

Not every driver exemplifies caution and alertness behind the wheel. In fact, some leave others wondering how they ever obtained valid drivers’ licenses, for they seem to unaware of even the most basic traffic regulations, such as coming to a halt at stop signs or using signals to turn. Distracted driving car accidents costs thousands of lives every year in Georgia and throughout the nation. 

The most common types of distraction include use of electronic devices, such as iPods, cell phones or global positioning devices. However, not all driving distractions are immediately apparent. In fact, analysis from past car accidents suggests daydreaming or generally being lost in thought behind the wheel is also responsible for many serious collisions.  

Several other behaviors are often mistaken as benign while navigating Georgia highways. For instance, many drivers think it is okay to drink or eat while they drive; yet, this is a major distraction that often leads to collision. Also, reaching for objects inside the vehicle or adjusting dashboard controls while driving places drivers, passengers and all other motorists and pedestrians at risk for injury.  

If a distracted driver causes an injury to another person, he or she may pursue full recovery for losses through the Georgia civil justice system. Car accidents cause damages that may include medical expenses, emotional pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other costs. It is typically helpful to seek legal support when planning to file a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney can ensure that a recovering accident victim understands the types and maximum amount of damages that may be included in a claim.

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