Motor vehicle accidents may lead to wrongful death damages

Motor vehicle accidents may lead to wrongful death damages

Georgia, like other states, is the unwilling host to thousands of traffic injuries and fatalities each year. Many of these motor vehicle accidents are caused by carelessness and innocent distraction, while many others are more egregious due to impairment with alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, fatalities occur when a driver loses all sense of safety and self-preservation, driving in such a reckless manner that the outcome will be etched in that wrongdoer’s awareness for a long time to come.

On March 26, 2018 the small town of Morrow, Georgia experienced a reckless driving accident in which the vehicle operator was driving at more than 100 mph on I-75 when the car left the road and became airborne. The car flipped several times and crashed into a tree, killing the 18-year-old passenger. The 17-year-old driver survived only to face a vehicular homicide charge and some real time in prison.

Morrow police say that they have some evidence that the driver was using Snapchat just prior to the accident. Police had to care for the distraught parents of the victim when they arrived at the scene. They prevented them from going to the car and seeing the horrific details. The young women were reportedly on a “senior skip day” from the Community Christian School. This is a special day when seniors may take off to do college visits or other activities, according to the school.

The parents of the victim may start an estate for their deceased daughter and file a wrongful death claim against the driver for damages. The damages may be substantial in motor vehicle accidents involving the death of young persons just graduating and going on to further their educations or begin a job. The damages will cover all medical and funeral expenses, along with loss of earnings and earning capacity for the girl’s lifetime. Pain and suffering may be sought in Georgia in many wrongful death cases, depending on the facts.  

Source:, “Teen used Snapchat, drove 106 mph before fatal crash, lawyers say“, Scott Berson, April 27, 2018

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