Georgia truck accidents often lead to fatalities

Georgia truck accidents often lead to fatalities

Car accidents often lead to property damage and many also cause serious injuries. Truck accidents are all the more likely to do so, due to the size of such vehicles compared with smaller ones. A Georgia woman was recently killed in what police are calling a “pointless” accident.

Police say that a driver pulled in front of a tractor-trailer and greatly decreased his speed so that the truck had to stop. They said that the man wanted to speak with the truck driver about a rock that had been kicked up and hit his windshield. The trucker had managed to partially pull onto the shoulder, but part of the semi was still blocking the lane. The victim was unable to stop her vehicle in time and crashed into the back of the tractor-trailer at full speed.

Tragically, the victim did not survive the crash. No other injuries were reported. Authorities stated that the actions of the driver who wanted to stop the semi were pointless, as truckers are not liable for anything kicked up by their tires. The man is now in jail, facing charges of vehicular homicide.

Losing a loved one is such a way is devastating. In addition to the emotional turmoil a family will likely face, they may also face financial stress. To cope with this, a victim’s surviving family may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible. When successful, such a suit could may provide monetary damages that could help pay for any medical bills, funeral costs or other financial losses. Any families who have lost loved ones in truck accidents can consult experienced Georgia attorneys for more information.

Source:, “Mother of 5 killed in ‘pointless’ interstate accident”, Dante Renzulli, Aug. 31, 2017

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