Four things to avoid while on a motorcycle

Four things to avoid while on a motorcycle

Riding on a motorcycle on an open road without another vehicle in sight is dangerous enough. However, when you start to factor in bad weather, poorly maintained roads, and the occasional random bit of wildlife that decides to run into the middle of the road, things become even more dangerous. Then there is the number one hazard that you have to watch for whether you are riding through Dalton or on a country road: cars and trucks.

Regardless of whether you always wear your helmet, never take a corner too fast and ride defensively, it is not always possible to avoid a negligent driver. However, watching for four types manuevers cars make may keep you from becoming a victim of a driver that did not see you. Read further for some common motorcycle accidents you can avoid.

1. The left turn

You know that car, the one that always seems to make a left turn in front of you as though you did not exist. This is actually the most common type of motorcycle accident and you have probably had your share of close calls because of the left turn. It usually happens because the driver does not correctly judge your speed or simply does not see you and then takes a left turn in front of you in the middle of an intersection.

In order to avoid a collision with this driver, always assume that it is going to happen. When you get close to an intersection, slow down and prepare to make an evasive maneuver. Watch the wheels of the car, not the driver. Even if you think he or she is looking directly at you, bear in mind that motorcycles are essentially invisible to anyone in a car or truck.

2. The lane changer

Keep in mind that whole vehicles can often fit in the blind spots of most cars. This means that you and a handful of your friends could fit in the blind spot of the car in the lane next to you. Furthermore, this car will change lanes without ever realizing you were there. Do not ride in a car or truck’s blind spots. Stay alert for circumstances that may cause a car in an adjoining lane to change lanes and be sure you take the appropriate action. Watch for turn signals, drivers checking their mirrors or blind spots, and turning wheels.

3. The rear-ender

Have you ever been sitting at a traffic light or neighborhood stop sign when suddenly you hear the sound of screeching tires behind you? The chances are good that a driver will see the car stopped in front of you before he or she actually sees you. Again, assume that you are invisible to people behind the wheel. While a rear-end accident might cause some bumper damage and whiplash when two vehicles are involved, it can easily be fatal to you. To avoid this driver, try to pull to the side when you come to a stop at an intersection. Be free with your brake light and flash it to get the attention of approaching cars.

4. The open door

You know those cars parked on the side of the road? They are dangerous, too. Imagine riding along when there is suddenly an open car door in your path. Crashing into an open door can have some serious consequences. Avoid the temptation to ride between traffic and parked cars. Not only are you in danger of an open door, you also have to watch for pedestrians that step out from between the cars and vehicles that are pulling back into traffic. Keep your distance from parked cars at all times. If you cannot avoid riding close to parked cars, do so at a low speed and with extreme caution.

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating effects. Unfortunately, no matter how safely you ride or how many safety courses you take, it may not be possible to avoid every accident. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a motorcycle accident with a negligent driver, you might be able to take legal action and get the compensation you deserve.

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