Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are often fatal

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles are often fatal

Though there are many traffic laws in place to keep drivers and their passengers safe, some motorists fail to obey these laws. When Georgia drivers choose not to heed these safety measures, car accidents are much more likely to occur. One woman was recently killed in a crash by an alleged negligent driver.

Police stated that the driver believed to be responsible for the collision ran a red light. This caused a five-car crash. Her car struck the left center of the victim’s vehicle, forcing the victim’s car into the side of a truck. The headlight assembly of the victim’s car then broke off, hitting another car. After the initial impact, the vehicle belonging to the driver believed to be at fault then struck the front bumper of another car.

Tragically, the first victim whose car was hit died as a result of her injuries. Reports indicate that no one else involved was seriously injured. Police stated that the allegedly at-fault driver attempted to flee the scene on foot but was apprehended. The man was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including vehicular homicide, driving while license suspended or revoked and reckless driving.

Even when criminal charges are filed against an alleged negligent driver, families of deceased victims may still be entitled to file wrongful death claims in civil court on behalf of their loved ones. When these types of claims are successful, the families could be awarded monetary benefits that could help pay for medical bills, funeral costs and any other expenses related to the car accidents. Those interested in learning more about these claims could contact an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney for more information.

Source:, “LaGrange woman killed in crash in Columbus“, Gabrielle Jansen, Aug. 3, 2017

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