3 teachers arrested now likely contemplating criminal defense

3 teachers arrested now likely contemplating criminal defense

Those who teach are often held to high standards in their communities. Drug and alcohol charges can lead to negative reputations as well as serious consequences if a criminal conviction is secured. Three Georgia educators are likely now focused on their criminal defense after unrelated drug and alcohol charges were filed against each of them.

Two high school teachers and one pre-kindergarten teacher’s aide were all arrested within three weeks of each other. The first high school teacher was arrested and accused of drinking and driving as well as committing other traffic-related offenses. The second high school teacher, most recently charged, was accused of possession of marijuana after police arrived at his home in response to a complaint. The teacher’s aide is accused of supposedly communicating a transaction involving methamphetamine over Facebook; however, no drugs were found when police stopped her and searched her vehicle.

If convicted of these formal accusations, the educators may face serious consequences such as potential fines or jail time; it’s also possible that they may lose their jobs. In addition to the police investigations underway, school officials have stated that they are conducting their own investigation. However, the superintendent and school board will make the ultimate decision on whether the teachers will be allowed to continue working in their classrooms.

Whether a teacher or any other professional, those facing similar charges may benefit from consulting experienced Georgia criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible after being charged. An attorney could help clients by working toward protecting important legal rights and building a strong defense. Additionally, a lawyer can provide guidance and support throughout any future legal proceedings.

Source: wrcbtv.com, “UPDATE: Murray County educators arrested for a variety of charge“, Kate Smith, June 30, 2017

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