Motorcycle accidents in Georgia can result in serious injuries

Motorcycle accidents in Georgia can result in serious injuries

Roadways can be dangerous for Georgia motorists, particularly those riding motorcycles. Because motorcycles typically offer less protection than traditional vehicles like cars and trucks, motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. A recent collision involving multiple motorcycles caused injuries to several people.

The crash occurred around midday on May 20 along Highway 411. Police reports indicate that numerous motorcycles were involved, though the exact number of riders was not stated. The initial cause of the crash is unclear, though the severity of the incident closed down the highway for a short period.

At least five victims suffered serious to minor injuries, ranging from abdominal and chest trauma to ankle pain. Two victims were airlifted to local hospitals while the others were sent to local hospitals by other means. Police stated that several others refused further treatment by emergency responders regarding the injuries they suffered.

Though reports do not indicate who was responsible for the accident, the victims may consider filing individual personal injury claims against any party or parties whose negligence is deemed to have caused or contributed to the crash. If their claims can successfully document negligence, they could then be entitled to monetary damages that could help pay for medical bills and any other financial losses related to the collision. Any Georgia residents injured in motorcycle accidents may benefit from consulting with experienced personal injury attorneys to learn more about filing claims. In addition to providing information, attorneys could also assist clients in navigating the legal proceedings involved in filing personal injury claims.

Source:, “Several injured in Bartow County motorcycle accident”, Tim Darnell, May 20, 2017

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